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Here’s a transcript of The Bludgeon Brothers latest promo


The Bludgeon Brothers must have taken that six week online course from Wyatt University on how to cut a haunting promo. Tonight (Oct. 24) on SmackDown the team of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan made their third mysterious appearance on the Tuesday night airwaves.

The Bludgeon Brothers are still off site but they have the ability to record and send messages from wherever in the wilderness they are stranded.

Before the WWE unearths the VHS tape of Harper and Rowan’s promo from SmackDown later tonight, read the complete transcription of what the Bludgeon Brothers had to yell.

This message has to get out to the rest of the world.

*heavy breathing*

*more heavy breathing*

Harper: Danger makes the impossible possible

Rowan: Horror makes the unthinkable a reality

Harper: UP IS DOWN!!!!

Rowan: Down is up…….

Harper: Dark is light

Rowan: A light is dark

Harper: We can do anything

Rowan: Because we feel nothing

Harper: Harper

Rowan: Rowan

Harper and Rowan: Bludgeon Brothers!!!


*hits camera with a hammer*

Rowan: yea…..yea….YEAH

*hits camera with a hammer*


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