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Dolph Ziggler explains babyfaces working alongside heels in the SmackDown invasion of Raw

One issue you may have taken with SmackDown Live’s invasion of Monday Night Raw this week was the fact that there were babyface wrestlers, like Bobby Roode, working together alongside heels, like Dolph Ziggler. Those two are currently embroiled in a feud.

One fan who took issue with this was Wade Keller over at PW Torch, who wrote an entire article making note of this as a glaring flaw. He also got into it with Ziggler himself on Twitter, who attempted to explain his motivations in character:

WWE will get its first chance to explain all this on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live, if they choose to address it at all.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, do you take issue alongside Keller? Or are you in Ziggler’s camp on this one?

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