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WWE Raw viewers up for TLC fallout show

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was always going to be up in viewers thanks to it coming just one night after the TLC pay-per-view. Sure enough, the show averaged 2.95 million viewers, up big from last week’s 2.68 million.

The issue this week was the fact that too many folks only tuned in for the first hour, got the fallout from TLC, and then tuned out in droves.

Hour one: 3.33 million
Hour two: 2.96 million
Hour three: 2.55 million

That’s a steep drop in hour three, though WWE failed to adequately promote the big invasion angle that played out in the main event of the show. That’s okay, of course, because such an angle is designed to attract viewers for the next show. It’s just too bad almost a million viewers had disappeared from the start of this week’s show and missed it.

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