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WWE SmackDown Live results (Oct. 24, 2017): Raw retaliation

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 24, 2017) from the BMO Harris Bank Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in Houston, Texas.

Advertised for tonight: Raw might return fire, AJ Styles vs. Sunil Singh, Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


First off, let me say you look so tired... Rest your head and shut your eyes. Empty ambition blankets the sky. I'm thinking 'bout liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of the interactions between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon and the SmackDown invasion of Raw from last night.

Live in the arena, Shane makes his entrance. He says he's been undergoing serious physical rehab for the last two weeks but he's happy to be back in the ring and back in charge. Survivor Series is fast approaching us, the only time when SmackDown and Raw go head-to-head, and he learned at a very early age that when you're gonna get into a fight, it's always better to strike first.

And that's why he paid a visit to Raw last night. When Kurt called, desperately asking for an opponent for Finn Balor, it hit him. They let AJ Styles stay an extra night and he knew exactly what he was gonna do. Angle had the audacity to say that SmackDown talent isn't as good as Raw's, and that's when #UnderSiege was unleashed. They caught Raw by surprise, but they won't be, because they're ready.

Enter Sami Zayn. He offers a hello and a no hard feelings over Hell in a Cell, but Shane says there ARE hard feelings, and they'll deal with that at a later time. When he pulled Owens aside for his health, where did that leave McMahon? Not only could he have been seriously injured, he added insult to injury by pulling KO on top for the pin, so that's a lot of hard feelings.

Sami says that's fine, but if he was standing here as a competitor and not commissioner, he'd take Shane out in one second. He'd leave him hurting even worse than he was at Hell in a Cell, and this gets McMahon in his face but Zayn tells him to calm down, that's for another day, and he's here right now to let him know that his good buddy Kevin Owens have mulled it over and they've decided fine, fine, they'll be a part of SmackDown at Survivor Series.

They'll do what they do every night, and put the burden on their shoulders and lead, but the bottom line is Shane wants, no, he'd even go far enough as to say that Shane NEEDS them to represent SmackDown at Survivor Series. McMahon is a lot of things, but one thing he's not is a stupid man, well at least when he's not taking death-defying risks. But the point is he and KO have selflessly and kindly volunteered their services for Survivor Series.

Shane says he doesn't want them representing SmackDown nor does he need them, but what he will do as commissioner, since this is the land of opportunity, he'll give them another one-- if he wants to be on the Survivor Series team, all he has to do is win a match. Zayn's all for it, and asks who his opponent is. McMahon tells him he has Randy Orton!

Commentary hypes up AJ Styles vs. Sunil Singh for later and we cut to backstage where New Day come across some raw fruit on a table and throw it away to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a video package for WWE Zombies and see that the Usos have joined the commentary booth.

Big E does the deal and the New Day make their entrance.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Gable and Woods to start, Chad grabs a side headlock, Xavier shoots him off, takes the shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, dropkick, right into the stalemate, tags made. Collar and elbow, Benjamin with a side headlock, to a hammerlock, Kingston reverses to one of his own, wristlock, whip, Shelton with a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet! Duck a lariat, return monkey flip and this time Benjamin lands on his feet!

Trading kicks, Kingston takes his legs out, tag to Woods, off the ropes with a Penalty Kick, sliding lariat, big splash, diving elbow, all only worth a nearfall. Shelton with a whip into a lariat that sends Kofi to the floor hard and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Benjamin hits a butterfly suplex on Kingston for a nearfall! Kofi floats around him, DDT, both men rollign towards their corners, tags made! Xavier in with flying forearms, he hangs Gable up on the ropes, dropkick to the back, just a nearfall! Back body drop in the corner puts Woods on the apron, he springboards right into a rolling Koppo Kick!

Tag to Shelton, double whip into a hip toss neckbreaker for two! Woods counters a suplex with a knee, rolling elbow, boot to the knee, knee trembler... NO GOOD! Big thrust spinebuster from Benjamin, tag to Chad but Kofi comes in with a dropkick, diving lariat from Gable, Shelton gets an enzuigiri in...

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin win by pinfall with a lateral press from Gable on Xavier Woods.

Backstage, the SmackDown women are hanging out and talking about how much ass they kicked last night when Carmella rolls up to ask if any of them have seen James Ellsworth. They haven't, and Daniel Bryan rolls up, offering to send a search team out immediately. He says all of them will be on the Survivor Series team, to which Lana points out there's six of them and he immediately informs her she's not in.

He realizes some of them don't like each other, but at Survivor Series they'll have a unified front and a strong leader. Charlotte Flair immediately offers herself up for the position, but Becky Lynch disagrees. Carmella points out they aren't in charge, Bryan agrees, and books a five-way to decide who gets to be captain for later tonight.

Commentary hypes Styles/Singh up, but up next Fashion Dogs, after the break.

Back from commercial, commentary informs us that additional security are in the building to prevent Raw from retaliating.

Fashion Dogs begins, and the Ascension get credits billing. Tyler Breeze doesn't understand why Fandango gets to be Mr. Pink, but Dango says they're both Mr. Pink, just different shades. Ellsworth is tied up and the Ascension come in with a can labeled gas, saying they're gonna do "wasteland stuff", but it turns out the gas is just for Konnor to drink.

Breezango take the tape off and interrogate Jimmy but he just barks, and Carmella rolls up before the Ascension can do it their way. She berates Ellsworth for not guarding the Money in the Bank briefcase and Fandango opens it up and pulls Ellsworth's dirty underwear out, leading Carmella to drag Jimmy off and Breezango to declare the case closed.

The Ascension point out that they didn't solve anything, and 2B has to be the Bludgeon Brothers. Tyler doesn't think "Brothers" has a B in it but the Ascension double down and Breeze realizes the B is silent. Fandango says things are going to get strangerer, as in Strangerer Things, the next edition of the Fashion Files.

Baron Corbin makes his entrance, he has a match against Sin Cara after the break.

Back from commercial, Daniel Bryan is on his phone when Shane McMahon rolls up. Bryan asks when they're gonna talk about last night. McMahon says he had the idea to strike first, and Dan says they're a team and he's not sure he agrees with his decision. Shane says as commissioner he'll make decisions on his own sometimes, and Bryan says he gets it, he's the boss, he calls the shots, but it's his job to tell him how he feels about stuff.

Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara

Corbin shoves Cara right in the corner, big knee lifts and referee Brian Nguyen backs him off. Baron with a biel across the ring, following it up with stomps and another knee, overhead elbow, just stepping on his head. Shoving him in the corner with a goozle but Sin gets the elbow up on a charge. Boots up after, diving over, leg kick, some forearms, springboard back elbow sends the Lone Wolf outside and Cara takes flight!

A second suicide dive finds home and takes Corbin to his knees on the floor! Rolling him back in, Sin climbs up top, missile dropkick into a cover for two! Baron takes a breather, headed back in and he picks Cara up and puts him in the corner, stomping a proverbial mudhole. Right hands, Nguyen warns him off but Corbin keeps throwing...

Sin Cara wins by disqualification.

Corbin is furious, of course... END OF DAYS ON THE FLOOR!

We get a long shot of an outer door followed by some hype for Styles/Singh to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get another recap of last night's invasion of Raw, this time peppered with the fallout interviews that the SmackDown talent cut after the fact.

The Singh Brothers make their entrance and do the usual huge intro for their pal Jinder Mahal. The WWE Champion cuts a promo, saying there are those who speak the truth and there are those who lie, and Paul Heyman is a liar. This leads to a replay of some of Paul's promo from last night. Jinder continues, saying he'll tell you the truth-- everything he has in WWE, he's earned.

He started at the bottom and now he's the most powerful man in the entire WWE. He's dominated Randy Orton, outwrestled Shinsuke Nakamura, and yet you people don't give him the same respect he gets from the 1.3 billion people of India. Heyman was right, he's not Brock's equal, contemporary, or counterpart-- he's his worst nightmare. At Survivor Series he'll prove to everyone and that human walrus exactly why the Maharaja Era has only just begun.

As for tonight, his loyal brother Sunil Singh will face the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Not only--

Enter AJ Styles. Referee Mike Chioda throws Jinder out!

AJ Styles vs. Sunil Singh

AJ with a right hand, a headbutt, thinking about a suplex but Samir jaws at him from the apron for the distraction. Low superkick for Sunil, picking the leg and rolling through...

AJ Styles wins by submission with the Calf Killer.

Sami Zayn is chilling in the locker room when Kevin Owens rolls up. Next week he has Shinsuke Nakamura for his own qualifier for the Survivor Series team. Sami says that's fine, they'll win and SmackDown officially becomes Team Kevin & Sami. Owens corrects him, saying it'll be Team Sami & Kevin.

Commentary hypes up the women's captaincy five-way and we go to break with a video package for the Unleash Your Warrior campaign.

Back from commercial we get a little hype for 205 Live, featuring the title rematch between Kalisto and Enzo Amore.

Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers roll up on Daniel Bryan and he guesses correctly that they want revenge on AJ Styles. Mahal wants a match between Samir and AJ, and Bryan asks him if he's sure. Samir says he is and it'll be phenomenal, and Dan points out they made the same joke last week.

We get entrances for the five-way and Natalya comes out, getting in the ring with the title on her shoulder. The ring announcer puts her over in glowing terms and she takes her leave.

Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi vs. Tamina (WWE SmackDown Women's Survivor Series Team Captain Deciding Match)

Brawling to start, Tamina suplexing both Lynch and Naomi before Carmella takes out Flair and tries for an alliance, but Snuka hits a Samoan drop and stands tall in the ring to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Carmella takes a piggyback ride on Tamina on the floor but it ends poorly for her, smashed into the apron. Charlotte in with chops for Snuka, a boot for Carmella, fallaway slam for Tamina! Becky off the apron with a forearm that wipes Flair out and Naomi flies with a plancha for the Lasskicker! Frankensteiner on Charlotte but she blocks and swins Naomi hard into the barricade!

Lana gets involved, attacking Flair and she gets knocked down for her trouble, but Snuka avenges her manager with a superkick before throwing Charlotte over the barricade. Lynch in with punches, Tamina grabs a headlock and smashes her face into the apron before passing her inside. Naomi takes her out with a slingshot dropkick, Becky with an O'Connor roll, reversed, Carmella throws Naomi into the post!

Carmella superkick, only a nearfall! Stomping away but Becky seizes an opportunity...

Becky Lynch wins by submission with Dis-Arm-Her, becoming captain of the SmackDown Women's Survivor Series team.

Commentary hypes up Orton/Zayn and tosses to break.

Back from commercial we get a Bludgeon Brothers video package, wherein they talk about how a lot of things are actually their opposites and they can do anything because they fear nothing.

Dolph Ziggler is interviewed backstage. Or, well, he declines to actually be interviewed, describing how every interview goes before launching into a big "if you smell..." and deciding better of finishing it. He introduces his new catchphrase, "I told you so" and says he told us that Bobby Roode is a sham and beat him.

Roode rolls up and Ziggler asks what he's smirking about. Does he think they're friends after beating up Raw guys together last night? He doesn't even use the f word! Bobby says he doesn't think they're friends, and he likes to fight. Since they have one win each, why not one more to decide who the better man really is? Dolph says he beat him once, he beat him twice, he can beat him three--

Bobby cuts him off and says he's onto something, and pitches a two out of three falls match for next week. Dolph is in, he just hopes Roode's ego can take being embarrassed twice in one night. Roode says he has a feeling next week is going to be... glorious.

We get our main event entrances, but the match will have to wait for after the break.

Back from commercial, commentary confirms the previously mooted 2/3 falls match and announces that it’ll be another Survivor Series qualifier.

Randy Orton vs. Sami Zayn (WWE SmackDown Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifying Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Orton pushing Zayn back with his superior size but Sami turns him around and breaks clean. Back to the lockup, Randy grabs a side headlock but Zayn forces him to a knee and manipulates the arm to reverse to an armbar, forcing Orton to seek refuge in the corner, and this time Sami breaks dirty with some gentle slaps. Zayn dancing, waistlock, the Viper reverses to a wristlock, in the corner again and this time Sami breaks dirty with a chop!

More chops, Orton returns with an uppercut that sends Zayn sprawling! Punches in the corner, Garvin Stomp, raking his face with his bootlaces, into uppercuts against the ropes when Sami finds his legs again. Whip across, Zayn bails and Randy follows after him, throwing him back in only to get caught by a dropkick. Sami throwing hands at ringside, Randy whips him over... ASAI MOONSAULT OFF THE BARRICADE! TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Sami has a rear chinlock in but Randy is fighting to his feet and out with body blows and a headbutt. Off the ropes, Zayn hits a leg lariat for a nearfall, front chancery, Orton blocking the suplex, hanging Sami up on the top rope! Lariats, the Viper ducks one in return and hits the snap scoop powerslam! To the apron, thinking about the rope-hung DDT but Zayn slips out and takes him outside.

Smash to the face for a kick, Sami lands on the announce desk but Orton blocks the moonsault and hits the back suplex on the table! Back in the ring it gets a nearfall, Zayn recovers, thinking about the corner exploder but the Viper reverses to his own rarely-used exploder suplex! Headed in, Sami gets an elbow up, boot up, Randy staggered, diving crossbody, again just a nearfall!

RKO denied, backslide for a nearfall, kick to the face, Zayn goes climbing but Orton cuts him off with a punch to the face. The trademark beautiful Orton superplex follows... NOPE! Sami back outside, Randy follows but Zayn puts him into the post. Sami lines him up... THROUGH THE CORNER SUICIDE DIVE TORNADO DDT! Referee Mike Chioda counts but the Viper makes it back in at about seven.

In for the Helluva Kick but Zayn bumps over the ropes and to the apron, rope-hung DDT connects and Orton goes to that special place! KEVIN OWENS WITH THE SAVE, ORTON TRIES THE DDT, ZAYN WITH A SCHOOLBOY PIN... ONLY TWO! Chioda jawing at Owens, Orton with a low blow, he draws Sami up...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO, qualifying for the SmackDown Men's Survivor Series team.

Orton and Owens stare each other down.

We go backstage with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Shane says they have their first team member and Bryan points out that Raw didn't attack. McMahon tries to reassure him but Dan says they'll attack sooner or later, and it's Shane's job to deal with the consequences.

That's the show, folks.

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