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SmackDown roster invades Raw and attacks everyone in the locker room


We got ourselves a good old fashioned donnybrook. Right in the middle of Kurt Angle’s Survivor Series announcement, Shane McMahon made a Shield style entrance to invade Raw.

McMahon was not all and he was flanked by the vast majority of the SmackDown roster.

As the SmackDown roster circled the ring, Angle hightailed it to the back and everyone followed.

Then SmackDown raided the Raw locker room and started to enter angry mob mode. Beating up Titus Worldwide, chasing people off camera, and jumping Raw wrestlers while they were changing into their street clothes.

Trespassing? Destruction of property? Baron Corbin and Rusev fighting side by side with The New Day and AJ Styles? Sure why not. Raw is anarchy.

How does Raw strike back?

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