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Brock Lesnar accepts Jinder Mahal’s Survior Series challenge


The Beast has answered. Tonight (Oct. 23) on Raw Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman chopped down every square inch of Jinder Mahal’s Survivor Series challenge.

Heyman got on the mic first and verbally slapped Mahal. Lesnar’s advocate used the old “they’re above trash talk” method to bring down Mahal. Then Heyman went off message and ran down Mahal for basically being a weak champion.

Barely escaping Orton, inching out over Nakamura and running away from Styles is how Team Lesnar views the SmackDown champion.

The truth hurts but so do suplexes. Wow.

How does Mahal counterpoint Heyman shining a very bright light on the SmackDown champion’s less than stellar title run? Would the WWE book a champion vs. champion main event as a squash match?

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