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Kane explains why he attacked Braun Strowman at TLC


The Big Red Monster has his reasons and you have to respect them. Also, if last night at TLC taught us anything, when you disagree with Kane he tosses you in a garbage truck and presses the big red compact button.

Tonight (Oct. 23) Kane explained his action towards Braun Strowman. At TLC, Kane accidently hit Strowman with a steel chair and then all hell broke loose.

After Kane came out to the ring on Raw and dismantled a worn down Shield and Styles, Raw’s original monster grab the microphone to give inside his line of thinking.

In summation, monster’s are territorial and if you cross the Big Red Monster, Kane will toss into a back of the garbage truck and have no regrets about it afterwards.

For reasons pretty much unknown, Kane closed his promo by saying their was no competition for him on Raw. Finn Balor made his way to the ring to challenge Kane’s theory.

Coming off a huge win at TLC over AJ Styles, Kane proceeded to choke Balor three times and pin him for a three count.

Strowman off in a landfill somewhere, Balor knocked out due to a triple choke slam, can anyone stop this new 2017 version of Kane?

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