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Do not make jokes about wrestling being fake to The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was pretty busy on wrestling Twitter this weekend. Maybe it was his once-and-possible-future rival Triple H trying to dance in Chile. Maybe it was the man who beat him for the WWE title 17 years ago returning to the ring on anniversary of that match.

Whatever inspired The Great One to send some sports entertainment-centric tweets out to his millions... AND MILLIONS... of followers, it also inspired Australian writer and comedian Ben Pobjie to make the old “you know it’s fake, right?” joke at Rocky in response to his message wishing Kurt Angle well...

With a hat tip to Ben’s sense of humor, Johnson shut that right down...

Which, on the one hand... ouch. On the other, The Rock just made you famous, kid!

And Pobjie seems to be taking it in stride:

Who knows? Ben might have a future in pro graps. He seems like a worker...

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