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WWE TLC 2017 results: Emma was not ready for Asuka

The build to TLC was a little hectic, so WWE started it off with something they’d been hyping for more than a month... the debut of the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka.

Her opponent surprised some - including possibly Nia Jax, if some rumors are to be believed - but Emma said she was gonna shock the world and end the former NXT champion’s undefeated streak in Minneapolis on Sunday, Oct. 22.

First, she had to not be intimidated by Asuka’s entrance...

Then, the Australian Superstar has to remain unphased when the first stiff strike she landed seemed to inspire her opponent to inflict more violence:

Emma managed both, and got in quite a bit of offense. But Asuka survived signature spots like the low crossbody, and a back-and-forth sequence where the two competitors inflicted quite a lot of punishment to one another.

But she wasn’t able to follow-up after slamming Asuka to the floor from the apron. Emma walked into a spin kick when she re-entered the ring, and a short time later tapped out to the Asuka Lock.

This wasn’t the squash some expected, but it was a decisive win for Asuka. Emma wasn’t ready - is anyone on the Raw roster?

We’ll find out as we go along. For now, get complete TLC results and coverage of every match on the card by clicking here.

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