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I love Asuka’s unconventional Twitter trash talk

We are in the social media age and while pro wrestlers can do just fine without using it, it’s a lot more fun when they do. Well, it’s a lot more fun when they use it and are good at it. One wrestler who fits the bill: Asuka.

The Empress of Tomorrow is set to make her main roster debut at TLC tonight (Sun., Oct. 22, 2017) in Minneapolis against Emma, whose entire character has been driven by Twitter for some time now. Naturally, they’ve gone back and forth on said medium and it’s been a great time if only for Asuka’s unconventional trash talk.

In response to Bayley calling her mean:

In response to an interview Emma did with WWE saying Asuka needs to realize this isn’t NXT:

Then, a few minutes later:

Just because:

In response to Emma mocking her face and saying she would win at TLC:

In response to Emma saying she would end the streak:

In response to Emma getting upset about the release of a new Asuka shirt:

That’s just a taste. It’s all so very, very good. Emma is perfect nonsense.

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