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Daniel Bryan comments on Kurt Angle wrestling again at WWE TLC

It took a long time for WWE to bring Kurt Angle back to the company due to a variety of factors, including his prior neck injuries and an addiction to painkillers. He’s maintained for some time that he wanted to continue wrestling and Vince McMahon didn’t want that for him anymore, so he stuck with TNA for an even longer run than his original stint in WWE.

When he was finally brought back, it was in a non-wrestling role but there was always the possibility of him wrestling again. He’s played coy on as much while always admitting he hoped the day would come. He also maintained he had to get a physical and be cleared by WWE doctors.

Apparently that happened, because he’s been tapped as a replacement for a sick Roman Reigns at TLC this Sunday night in Minneapolis. It’s a surprising decision, one that has shocked many and caught the attention of the General Manager on the other main roster brand:

Yes, that’s the same Daniel Bryan WWE has also been hesitant to clear because of health issues. He’s maintained, no different than Angle, that he wants to wrestle again if he’s healthy enough to and he believes that to be the case. They just haven’t cleared him yet.

Then again, SmackDown television seems to be building to a Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan match, or at least one could argue as much. Who knows, maybe clearance isn’t so far away after all.

Either way, Bryan is feeling some kind of way about this situation.

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