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A humble Kevin Nash admits The Shield would defeat the nWo

This may be just a subliminal marketing effort to get us to buy WWE 2K18 but we don’t care. Anytime you can fantasy book the 1996 version of the nWo versus a modern day stable, you jump at the opportunity.

Just picture the booking, in need of a WrestleMania main event Vince McMahon mends fences with Hulk (Hollywood) Hogan and hot shots him, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to the very top of the card.

Standing across the ring from the original incarnation of the nWo is none other than Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Shield vs. the nWo in a six-man elimination match at WrestleMania and everyone knows it's time for the Hounds of Justice to put the legendary team over.

This is WrestleMania, the showcase of the immortals, is there really any other way this match could go?

Well, according to Big Sexy himself, there is and it involves the nWo taking the “L”?

Rain is falling up. Cats are chasing dogs. And in 2017 Kevin Nash is humbly putting The Shield over. Stay crazy 2017.

Update: Swerve! Kevin Nash is throwing Hollywood Hogan under the bus and the nWo now will have their hands raised over the fallen bodies of The Shield. Believe in creative control.

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