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Jim Ross says Conor McGregor will earn a massive check from Vince McMahon


Cue up your favorite Vince McMahon smelling money GIFs. According WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross, Mr. McMahon’s next big money target is currently exploring his options.

It feels like the WWE has been trying to get in on the Mystic Mac business for the better part of two years. After the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor boxing freakshow bout was such a massive box office success, perhaps the next logical step is for the WWE to get their slice of the Irish pie.

Appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Ross gave his take on what looks to be the inevitable relationship between McGregor and WWE CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

“I know that he’s an amazing performer, and amazing talent," he said. “And I have a great respect for the UFC, everything they do, and him. There’s no way you can convince me will not earn a massive check from Vince McMahon some day in the future."

Ross would continue.

"It will not be a career deal, it will be a one-off special occasion, massive promotion. I would suggest maybe at a WrestleMania somewhere down the road. The attraction’s there, the marketing’s there, the money’s there. Why not make it happen? And so I think Conor is guaranteed for that, and I also think that Conor’s not done in the Octagon, either. I think that he’s a competitor. He likes to prove he’s the alpha male.”

Despite UFC President Dana White attempting to fan the money burning flames, are the dollar signs too big for Conor McGregor to ignore a WWE paycheck? With options to return to the UFC to defend his lightweight title or sign-up for another boxing crossover fight on the table, does McGregor put all that on hold for a run in the WWE?

If you were advising McGregor, what would you do?

(H/T to MMA Mania for the transcript)

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