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Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins meet in the locker room to close Raw, say no words

All three members of The Shield are almost on speaking terms. Pro wrestling’s latest “will they or won’t they” may be closer to a resolution after tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

The night began with Seth Rollins, then Dean Ambrose getting obliterated by WWE’s version of the Demogorgon Braun Strowman. To add insult to injury, Cesaro and Sheamus laid out the tag-team champions after Strowman left them for dead.

Next up was Roman Reigns and his scheduled Intercontinental title match with The Miz. The Big Dog took out the Miztourage before the opening bell even sounded and set himself up for an even playing field versus the IC champ.

But in the closing moments of the match, for reasons not really explained, The Bar came out of nowhere to beatdown Reigns and get the Miz disqualified. The newly formed Bartourage would cap off their night with a triple powerbomb and Shield fist-pose over a beaten Reign.

All things considered it was a horrible night for one of the greatest trios in WWE history.

Hope springs eternal and the final 60 seconds of Raw was spent with all three members of The Shield in the same locker room, at the same time, staring at each other but without any words spoken.

It has to happen, right?

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