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Shane McMahon is suing the marijuana company he invested half-a-million dollars in

The headline pretty much says it all. Great conversation starter, huh?

The details come from a story The New York Daily News ran today (Oct. 2). Back in 2015, Shane McMahon invested $500,000 in a company called EnviroGrow out of his family’s home state of Connecticut. EnviroGrow was supposed to take advantage of the increase in states legalizing cannabis use for medicinal and recreational use by selling pre-fabricated modules for growing marijuana.

Despite the fact EnviroGrow was only going to sell its products in states which legalized the drug, this is noteworthy because his mother, Linda, is a member of President Donald Trump’s staff as the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA). Trump’s top law man, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is strongly against the legalization of marijuana for any reason. The SBA also doesn’t provide investment capital to cannabis companies.

While this perhaps isn’t a good look for Linda in conservative circles, it may not be much of an issue, as her son is suing to get his investment back. The Daily News says Shane visited EnivroGrow’s manufacturing facility in Colorado, “found it virtually nonexistent” and filed suit.

The McMahons, their lawyers and the SBA declined to comment on the story, but EnviroGrow’s owner and CEO say they’re a growing business (pun semi-intended) and are denying Shane’s allegations.

And there you have it.

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