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A very useful GIF of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

NXT’s Iconic Duo - Peyton Royce and Billie Kay - always make the most of their minutes on-screen. Whether it’s during a match or in an online exlusive interview, the Australians have taken what could have been just the latest pretty people/mean girls gimmick and made it their own. Usually by being adorable and bothersome at the same time (adorabothersome?).

I already shouted their scene from the brand’s Oct. 18 episode out in our reactions post, but it’s so perfectly PeyKay, and terribly utilitarian in GIF form for those of us who live at least part of our life on the internet - that I thought it deserved a spotlight.

Here it is in two versions...

For when you just can’t:

MrFearlessRiot on tumblr

For when you just can’t AND you’re so disappointed in the person you’re responding to:

Shout out to General Manager William Regal for being the perfect set-up man in all his scenes with these two.

Now go forth and use iconically.

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