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Chris Jericho sheds some light on Neville’s WWE exit, and offers a scouting report for his future

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The Gift of Jericho is one that keeps on giving.

In addition to recent comments about the situation between Jimmy Jacobs and WWE, Chris Jericho also spoke on Neville’s apparent exit from the company. Speaking with Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, Y2J gave host Dave Lagreca the scoop on what he knows about the King of the Cruiserweights status. Jericho doesn’t seem to know the exact “why” behind what he says is the British Superstar’s choice to return to live outside The ‘E, but he’s not worried about his prospects:

“It doesn't surprise me - first of all, I also heard that he did not walk out of Raw, I heard he was never at Raw in the first place and that he had basically given his notice before that - It doesn’t surprise me because I think a guy like Neville... he wasn't really getting his shot in the WWE, and the cruiserweight thing is fine but let's be honest, it is what it is. I think there's a lot higher potential for a guy like Neville in the ring and also as a character.

So it doesn’t surprise me, and I’m not sure exactly what the reasons for him leaving are, but if he left you know that he's gonna be one of those guys that’s sort of like Cody Rhodes, guys like the Young Bucks and Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll that are making a choice not to be in WWE and proving that it's not the be-all, end-all if you're not there. I mean, look at Tommy (Dreamer) with House Of Hardcore, very successful outside of the reins of the WWE.

It's a big step, it's like walking off the side of a building and being told that there's a net at the bottom, but you can't see it. So you don't know for sure if he's making the right decision as of right now. But talent-wise, character-wise and intelligence-wise, he's got all three of those things. So he's not making this decision lightly, and I think wherever he ends up he'll be probably a bigger star now than he was before - just by getting a bigger opportunity."

That Neville is highly thought of by his peers, and that Jericho was impressed by the group of guys Kevin Owens surrounded himself with which included The Man That Gravity Forgot, Jacobs and Sami Zayn, isn’t news. The standout bit from this quote is the former Undisputed WWE champ’s tacit admission that the company’s cruiserweight division is career dead-end, at least for anyone who thinks they belong among the names who routinely appear on pay-per-view (PPV) cards.

And seeing as WWE remains quiet on Neville’s official status, in addition to some interesting food for thought, Jericho’s virtually breaking news here.

Now somebody ask him about Nia Jax.

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