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AJ Styles cuts off Jinder Mahal’s challenge of Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series


Your world champion is now an international sensation. Fresh off his promotional tour of India, Jinder Mahal came back with a new perspective on life.

Mahal’s outlook on life has the WWE Champion shooting for the biggest fish in the pond. The modern day Maharaja formally laid down the gauntlet for Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series but not before AJ Styles had something to say about it.

Literally seconds after Mahal called out Lesnar for a pay-per-view main event, Styles music hit and he interrupted the SmackDown champion.

Then Styles attacked Mahal after not really being provoked.

Just a blip on the radar or does Styles have a real shot at jumping ahead in line and taking away Mahal’s chance at a match with Lesnar at Survivor Series?

Update: Jinder Mahal has gracefully volunteered Sunil Singh to fight AJ Styles next week on SmackDown.

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