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Brie Bella wants to make a wrestling comeback in early 2018, another baby later in the year

We’ve known for some time that Brie Bella is hoping to return to WWE sometime in 2018. In a new Q&A from the Bella Twins YouTube channel, she reveals a timeline she’s hoping to follow next year:

"Yes. So I am right now slowly trying to get back into the shape. The other day actually I was trying to do a little bit of kind of, like, lifting and I just am so weak. When I went to the doctor they were like 'Brie, your abs haven't come back yet.' I still have this huge space in the middle of my abs. Unfortunately with a C-section they have to cut through you. So I have to wait like a month or two until I can really... like, I'm going to start working with a personal trainer in the first week of November, kick my butt. But I want to make sure that I am ready by let's say the end of January 2018, in case I get a phone call. But at some point in 2018 I am going to make a comeback, whether the boss likes it or not, I am coming back and making a comeback. At the end of 2018, Bryan and I want to start trying for our second baby. So I'm doing it before then."

The end of the year is right around the time Bryan’s contract with WWE is expected to expire, where he is expected to explore his options for wrestling again. The Danielsons are going to be quite busy in 2018.

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