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Nobody told Alicia Fox about her new merch

It’s been a pretty exciting few days for Alicia Fox.

She got her first t-shirt, and then she got booked on a pay-per-view (PPV) card for the first time in a long while last night (Oct. 16) on Raw with her weeks-long feud with Sasha Banks.

Sure, there was that pesky fine, WWE Shop didn’t list her gear in their new arrivals section, and the match is on the Kickoff, but still! All the pieces were in coming together. We could have another Natalya, “victory tour”-type push coming for Fox.

And we still might. But despite there actually being some online promotion from the company before yesterday’s show:

The memo didn’t seem to get back to Alicia or the writing team. She wasn’t wearing the gear, which is an odd decision if you want to actually move product and get a royalty check, but maybe they weren’t shipping yet.

For her to still be scripted to not know the shirt was for sale...

Maybe she meant “I know it exists, so where is it?”

Or... she is supposed to be crazy. It says it right on the shirt. Maybe this is part of the act?

I guess we’ll know on Sunday when she comes out on the TLC Kickoff.

Hang in there, Foxy.

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