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Chris Jericho loved working with Jimmy Jacobs, but he’s not surprised he’s gone after Bullet Club pic

Build Presents Chris Jericho Discussing His New Book 'No Is a Four-Letter Word' Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Fozzy’s new album, Judas, is out, and he’s got a Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Cruise to promote, so Chris Jericho is back doing press. And that’s good news for us, because Y2J is not only a smart, funny interview, he’s the perfect combination of well-connected behind-the-scenes and successful enough outside the company to be able to speak his mind on just about any wrestling and WWE-related topic.

Which is exactly what he did on Metal Injection’s Squared Circle Pit podcast when asked about Jimmy Jacobs, the writer who left WWE recently after posting a picture he took with New Japan/Ring of Honor’s Bullet Club stable outside of Raw to his Instagram account:

“Jimmy's good and if I was there I would've tried to help him out, but it's not the smartest of moves. If I work at McDonalds and post a picture of me hanging out with guys from Wendy's and hashtag 'Wendy's is great', McDonalds might not be too happy about it - so you can’t just say it’s the [wrestling] business.

I think Jimmy's a smart guy and maybe wouldn't surprise me if he knew something was going to happen. Maybe he was getting sick of it, I don't know. I just know as soon as I saw that picture, I was just like 'ooof,' with the hashtag ’BCInvasion' or ‘YBInvasion’ or whatever it was - you can't do that, man. I mean, you can't.

Was it a fireable offense? Well, it's not my decision, obviously Vince thought it was, which tells me there was probably some other stuff going on and that was the final straw.”

What really stands out is that if Jericho knows he’d be in hot water for it, Jacobs likely did as well. That lends credence to the notion that the rocker/author/podcaster also speculates on here, that Jimmy was ready to leave or knew the axe was about to fall anyway and decided to force the issue.

Not that he’ll need it, if his quick turnaround to appearing on a Ring of Honor (ROH) show was any indication, but it sounds like Jacobs can count on Y2J for a reference. Jericho singled him out as being essentially the co-creator of his highly praised last run with WWE, including the “Festival of Friendship” segement:

“And I will say this, last year, 2016... Jimmy Jacobs was my co-writer on all of it. All of it! And the weeks he wasn't there I was like 'Ah f***, I don't like this, I want Jimmy here.' So he's very talented, and he really got me. I worked with him a few times and I went to [head writer] Dave Kapoor, ‘I want Scoville’, which is his real name, Chris Scoville, ‘on every Jericho promo. No one else.’ Because that's how much I trusted his talent, his instincts.”

None of this definitively answers anything about what happened between Jacobs and WWE, but it’s more fodder for discussion about what’s been an interesting few weeks in the business.

And maybe Jimmy will show up for that ROH tournament on Chris’ upcoming cruise?

Would it really surprise you at this point?

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