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Kane rises from the ring to attack Roman Reigns on Raw


When all else fails put them in a steel cage. WWE’s longest running feud of 2017, added another chapter to the Roman Reigns battling Braun Strowman saga.

Also when all else fails creatively just put Kane under the ring and have him do his demon from hell thing.

The Raw (Oct. 16) main event match started out normal enough with both men hitting their power spots.

Strowman then tried to kill a man and superplexed Reigns from the top of the cage to dead center of the ring.

All hell broke lose with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sheamus battling from their cageside seats to a backstage loading dock. In the middle of the fray, the Miz ended up locking all four men outside the arena.

Then even more hell broke loose because a cursed demon from the fiery pits attacked Reigns and joined forces with Team Awesome Monster Bar at TLC this Sunday.

Did anyone see this coming? Is this some kind of warped Brothers of Destruction revenge storyline? Or did The Miz promise Kane a role in his next Marine sequel?

Miz has Hollywood connections and now he has aligned himself with none other than Kane heading into what is now a five on three match-up with The Shield.

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