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Braun Strowman speaks on Miz TV and Kurt Angle adds new wrinkle to Raw main event


Monsters have thoughts and feelings to. When you cut Braun Strowman, does he not bleed? Tonight (Oct. 16) on a very special edition of Miz TV, the Hollywood host welcomed a monster to the guest folding chair.

The segment opened with Miz, Curtis Axel and The Bar responding to The Shield’s opening promo. Miz got on the mic, Sheamus got on the mic and Cesaro (complete with his mouthpiece still in) got on the microphone not once but twice.

Then The Miz introduced Braun Strowman to the set, complete with “monster yelling things” wallkout.

Strowman had things to say and used compete sentences just like a non-monster pretending to be a human would.

After Strowman was finished with the microphone, Miz attempted to add Curtis Axel to Sunday’s match at TLC.

Well Raw GM Kurt Angle was having none of The Miz’s sass and instead added a new stipulation to tonight’s Raw main event; if Braun Strowman wins in the steel cage The Miz gets his fifth partner but if Roman Reigns wins the match reverts back to a three on three affair this Sunday.

The WWE is giving us stakes and tonight’s steel cage match between Reigns and Strowman just got a whole lot more interesting. Who got the better end of the gamble, The Shield or Team Miz?

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