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WWE 2K18 reminds Rusev how much he loves and misses his ‘best friend’ John Cena

Rusev set a high bar for “greatest WWE 2K unboxing video” last year when he got pissed about other wrestlers having a higher ranking than his.

But this little bit of deadpan genius just sailed over it...

“Alright, special day today. Big day for WWE 2K18! And of course, your boy Rusev has his copy, of course. Special edition that is. I’m not done yet, Instagram cut me off. Anyways, so I have my special edition as I said. In the mail. Came in today. Boom!

Shout out to my best friend John Cena for sending me his own personal 15-year copy. Me and John are very close friends, since day one, since WrestleMania in San Francisco, that’s why he sent me this copy.

So once again, thank you WWE 2K, thank you 2K Sports, thank you John Cena for sending me your own personal stuff! I have, like, toys that I can play with. Thank you!

But you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to open this box and see what’s in it. Oh, what’s in the box? It’s nobody’s head, I hope. Uh, let’s see.

Oh my god, it’s John... Cena... Nuff. Whatever ‘Nuff’ means. And it’s something else. And would you look at that? My very own John Cena signature! With Charles ‘Lil Naitch’ Robinson.

Also, again, we said the toy, we have the game with Seth, kudos to you. So, that’s it. That’s what I got in my special package from John.

John, thank you very much for you personally signing your picture for me. I love you, I miss you, and good luck.”

I mean, poking fun at his one-sided history with Big Match John and working in a Se7en reference?!?!

Truly, every day is Rusev Day.

H/T: With Spandex

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