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Cody Rhodes calls himself the biggest draw in wrestling; Roman Reigns thinks he’s talking silly

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Here’s a promo from Cody Rhodes where he talks about breaking pay-per-view buyrate records for Ring of Honor and being the biggest draw in all of professional wrestling:

It’s a promo, and he’s playing a character, so, yeah, take it for that. But a fan wanted to seeing what Roman Reigns would have to say about this and, surprisingly enough, he responded:

That’s surely going to lead to fans biting back with comments that Reigns hasn’t drawn that kind of crowd either, and they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. But it’s a silly argument to have in this context because it’s a character arguing a man. Who will bother to make that distinction? Probably not many, which is how these things get legs.

But, hey, maybe it will become its own social media storyline.