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Seth Rollins’ road to a fourth championship starts NOW

The UpUpDownDown Madden tournaments have been a source of many laughs, some legitimate drama and arguably better character development than your average WWE television show.

And it’s back, baby!

Will Seth “The Champ” Rollins continue his undefeated streak en route to a fourth straight title? Can AJ “Prince of Phenomenal” Styles redeem himself (or maybe the question is when/how often will he lose his $#!+ and meltdown)?

The above video breaks down the entire 16 man bracket for this season’s tourney, which starts this weekend.

Here are the first round match-ups:


- Seth “The Champ” Rollins (Chicago Bears) vs. Jason “Dick Wellington” Jordan (Dallas Cowboys)
- Luke “#NONERDS” Gallows (Atlanta Falcons) vs. TJ “Mega TJP” Perkins (Los Angeles Rams)
- “Moneymaker” Miz (Cleveland Browns) vs. Titus “Big Deal” O’Neal (Seattle Seahawks)
- Curtis “Cold Beer” Axel (Minnesota Vikings) vs. Brian “Thumbs” Kendrick (Seahawks)


- AJ “P.O.P.” Styles (Falcons) vs. “Tong Po” Rusev (New England Patriots)
- Jey “Jucey” Uso (San Francisco 49ers) vs. Mojo “Mojo64” Rawley (Green Bay Packers)
- Kofi “Mr. 24/7” Kingston (Patriots) vs. Baron “Off With Your Head” Corbin (Kansas City Chiefs)
- Jimmy “UCE” Uso (Oakland Raiders) vs. Luke “Luke” Harper (Washington)

Who ya got?

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