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Jinder Mahal’s opponent for WWE’s India shows confirms he’ll work babyface

And that he’ll still be WWE champ, but you pretty much knew that already.

Whether or not he’s nursing some injuries, WWE champion Jinder Mahal is in India this week promoting the company’s trip there for a couple house shows in December.

While there, he revealed who he’ll be facing in what you have to assume will be the main event of the shows on Dec. 8 and 9:

This confirms a couple things. One, of course, is that the months of rumors were correct, and plans call for Mahal’s reign to continue until this brief tour of the country his championship was designed to excite. Two, that he’ll work babyface in New Dehli.

Neither is terribly surprising. Even though he uses clear cut heel tactics to win matches, The Modern Day Maharajah’s character has been tailored to work different ways for different audiences. And, really, what was the point of putting the belt on him if he was gonna lose it before going to his kayfabe home country?

Plans for KO to face Jinder may have also played into the “is Owens headed back to Raw?” rumors that went around a few weeks ago, too, since he and Mahal are the only SmackDown stars on what are otherwise red brand events.

Thoughts, Cagesiders? Excited to see if this plays into television storylines at all? Just happy the light at the end of the Jinder era tunnel might be in sight?

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