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The Young Bucks are already encouraging Daniel Bryan to take pic with them


Have The Young Bucks jumped the shark yet? Many would argue in the wake of WWE backstage producer Jimmy Jacobs reportedly being fired from the company for taking a selfie with The Young Bucks, now would be the time for the tag-team to lay low.

Less than two weeks from the infamous “too sweet” cease and desist, The Young Bucks are doubling down on their online feud with WWE corporate.

First, we havenew Pro Wrestling Tees merch dropping literally hours after the Jacobs news leaked out.

Now we have Nick Jackson goading (goating?) Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson into taking another Bullet Club/Young Bucks picture with the group.

Are The Young Bucks going too far by dragging the current SmackDown GM right into the middle of their public squabble with the company that employs Bryan? Will this Bucks vs. WWE feud ever end?

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