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Tyrese Gibson dug up some old video for his feud with Dwayne Johnson, accidentally reminded everyone what a great promo The Rock is

In case you haven’t been following the drama around the Fast & Furious franchise... no, not Dwayne Johnson’s beef with Vin Diesel - that’s so last March... Universal announced that a spin-off film starring Johnson’s character Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Shaw would be shot and released prior to whatever the ninth film in the main Fast series ends up being called.

This angered another co-star, Tyrese Gibson, who fired off an Instagram post calling Johnson a “clown” who broke up the #FastFamily. Even Diesel tried to play peacemaker, but Gibson stuck to his guns, at least in terms of leaving the post up.

Rocky, because he’s a professional, the highest paid actor in the world and a possible future Presidential candidate, didn’t lower himself to respond*. So Tyrese decided to kickstart their beef by posting an old video of Johnson dissing his 2015 album, Black Rose.

It’s a straight-up pro wrestling move! He’s like Big Cass framing Enzo Amore, then using his own words against him!

Couple problems there, player. For one thing, in his effort to paint his co-star as the bad guy, Tyrese used something allegedly made as part of some back-and-forth joking around when the pair were still friendly. Numerous fans and websites have pointed to all the positive, public things Johnson said about Black Rose to promote it around its release. Gibson is also living the gimmick, and confusing the familial themes of the franchise with the fact Hollywood is a business.

But those weren’t his fatal mistakes. No, Tyrese use a promo against The Great One.


Warning, there is definite NSFW/offensive language in the below video

What Gibson has just done is remind everyone how much funnier and more charming The Rock is than him, while also convincing us that if Johnson ever does decide to cut loose and respond in this one-sided feud*, Tyrese would be left sobbing in a corner asking Ludacris to hold him.

Something-something your role and shut your something-something.

* While I wouldn’t consider it “lowering himself” or “cutting loose”, I did miss Rocky dropping a little something on Gibson in this Instagram video where he says “Big dogs eat, little crying puppies stay on the porch” (thanks to Cagesider The King of Nowhere for pointing it out in the comments below). That it took Tyrese three days to come up with this as a comeback doesn’t prove he was crying on Luda’s shoulder, but...

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