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I am absolutely livid

WWE told us Fashion Files would return on SmackDown Live last week, and then it didn’t. They promised it would return at Hell in a Cell, however, and, to the shock and surprise of everyone, it actually did! What a sweet taste of such an amazing show.

It was fun, too!

It ended with a tease, an open briefcase glowing gold, an obvious reference they would be paying off come SmackDown Live this week:

We will never know what they had in store for us during Pulp Fashion because, just like last week, WWE lied. WWE, a bunch of lying liars who lie, once again failed to deliver on a promise to give us the next episode they made us anticipate.

Not only that, Breezango were booked in a number one contender match for the SmackDown tag team titles and lost!

To hell with all of this.

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