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Baron Corbin retains his US title after pinning AJ Styles on Smackdown


The power of the rematch clause is real. Less than two days after their three way dance with Tye Dillinger at Hell in a Cell, AJ Styles and Baron Corbin once again stood across the cage from one another.

With the US title on the line, the pre-match build to the SmackDown main event was very pun friendly.

The title bout began with the new champ leaning heavily on the his built-in advantages. In the early going, Corbin was quick to roll to the outside and induce the referee’s ten count to regroup.

After a brawl out on the outside that sent the new champ over the announce desk, Corbin mounted offense of his own. Styles would end the rally by hitting multiple Phenomenal forearms on Corbin.

Despite Styles best efforts, a key eye gouge pull to break up a submission attempt coupled with a vicious slam by Corbin onto the outside proved to be too much for the former champion.

Corbin would earn the relatively clean win over Styles, hitting his Ends of Days slam in the center of the ring for the 1-2-3.

Corbin is now ruling the US title scene with hungry iron fist, who will be next to challenge the lone wolf?

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