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WWE Raw viewers up for The Shield reuniting

Perhaps because ratings have been down, perhaps because they didn’t have any other creative ideas for the fall, WWE booked The Shield to reunite on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, making it clear beforehand that was likely to happen. The result was an increase in viewers.

Just not that many.

Indeed, this week’s show drew 2.87 million viewers, up from last week’s 2.77 million. For some time now, the hourly breakdown has shown viewers are at their highest in the first hour, which explains why they went to it in the opening segment. Sure enough:

Hour one: 3.00 million
Hour two: 2.89 million
Hour three: 2.71 million

Monday Night Football was down in viewership from last week, for whatever that’s worth. WWE doesn’t have much to offer in the way of compelling stories outside of The Shield reuniting, so they’re pushing it as hard as possible. We’ll see if anything changes now that Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins are officially a team once again.

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