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The Young Bucks say they have ‘no beef’ with Roman Reigns, even though they think he tried to ‘bury’ them

You knew The Young Bucks would respond in some way to Roman Reigns’ comments about WWE not needing guys “doing Too Sweets” and “acting like they are DX from... 15 years ago” (no offense). And it turns down they had before a lot of sites like ours even covered The Big Dog’s hot take...

While I do think Roman’s comments were shots (I’m not even going to pretend to be able to parse the myriad of things the word “bury” seems to mean to wrestlers and wrestling fans), it does strike me as odd that an act built around being irreverent about tropes of the business, and certainly WWE’s version of them, is surprised when they catch some return fire from that company’s top guy.

Maybe they see things like Bullet Club’s “invasion” of Raw as kayfabe and Reign’s remarks as a shoot? I could see that argument, but it still lets The Bucks decide where the story/reality line is. Things they’ve joked about could, and clearly have, hurt some feelings and ruffled some feathers backstage at The ‘E.

Despite being disappointed, Matt Jackson says there’s no beef:

Probably because they rightly know they’re blazing a new trail for workers outside of the McMahons’ world - even if they don’t feel they’ll be recognized for that any time soon:

One things for sure. The Jacksons and Reigns are performers on whom every wrestling fan has an opinion, so this will probably linger.

Let the debate continue.

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