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WWE 205 Live results (Oct. 10, 2017): Kalisto’s championship celebration

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live in its regular Tuesday night at 10PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Raw changed everything. The Enzo Amore Era is over as quickly as it began, and every member of the 205 Live roster is eligible to compete for the Cruiserweight title again. New champ Kalisto will celebrate the start of his reign tonight, and he better have a special thank you ready for Mustafa Ali, whose well-timed lumberjack interference helped the luchador land a Salida del Sol to end the Certified G’s brief stranglehold on the division.

Amore will likely have something to say about last night’s main event, too. Plus, we already knew we were getting a not-so-friendly return to the TJP vs. Rich Swann feud, probably some fallout from Cedric Alexander’s vicious attack of The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher last Tuesday and hopefully a few more slides from Drew Gulak’s POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - before Akira Tozawa starts in with the usual chanting and interrupting.

We'll post match results and plot developments here. And this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- A recap of Enzo Amore’s bad, and Kalisto’s good, night on Raw

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, informing us that Kalisto will be here and that Swann vs. Perkins will be a 2-out-of-3 falls match

- Renee Young is here! She welcomes the new champ to the ring. She asks how it feel to be the champion. He puts over the fact that he’s the first luchador to hold the Cruiserweight title. It feels amazing, especially because he won it on the birthday of his idol Eddie Guerrero. Like Eddie, Kalisto plans to bring respect to the belt, because unlike Enzo Amore... and that’s the former champ’s cue.

- Amore comes out with Ariya Daivari and does the deal. Enzo says he’s the life of this party, and even though “tostito” is now the champ, this is still The Zo Show. He put this show on his back like a backpack, and the bag is too big for Kalisto. The Certified G says Kalisto seems like a good guy, so he lets him know there was homework in the backpack and it says he main evented Raw three weeks in a row. He carried the “loserweights” to the top, and the ingrates cost him his title. He blames Mustafa Ali for losing, and says Kalisto won just like his idol because Amore had him beat, but he lied, cheated and stealed his way to the title.

- The champ tells Zo he just did what he did and won by being smarter. Amore says it’s true he said that, but he could get away with it because he made the belt look good. It’s never looked worse than it does now, because Kalisto won’t be able to make money with it (he made this point with a guacamole/bread/tortilla chip metaphor). At TLC, he’s winning it back. Daivari attacks at that point, and the champ fights him off, so Enzo joins in and they beat him down. Ali runs in to make the save, and the heels back their way out of the ring while Joseph teases more on this later.

- Highlights catch us up on how TJP and Rich Swann’s rivalry re-started when Perkins attacked Swann and ripped out some of his hair after Rich tried to move on. Swann cuts a promo before TJ’s entrance saying this match came at a price, and that price was their friendship. After this, there won’t be any handshakes, cause they’e done. He hopes it was worth it. Rich leaps on TJP before he can even get in the ring, and a brawl before the bell causes the referee to check on both men before he officially starts thing.

Rich Swann def. TJP in a 2-out-of-3 falls match (2 - 0)

- Swann secured the first pin by rolling through on a kneebar attempt and bridging into a cover

- After a long back and forth with numerous nearfalls (mostly with Swann kicking out of covers and once reaching the ropes on a kneebar), Swann got the second fall via pinfall after a Phoenix Splash

- Backstage, Enzo gives Daivari a pep talk. He says both Musafa Ali and Kalisto are both dirtbags, but after their tag match tonight, Zo and Ariya will leave singing Hakuna Matata. Drew Gulak appraoches them, and says he feels their pain. While the Drew-sader doesn’t always agree with Amore’s bombastic ways, especially when he calls him “Capt. Underpants”, Kalisto and Ali violate many of the proposals in his POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (available on demand any time on the award-winning WWE Network). Gulak thanks them for their time and says he’s going to make an example of Akira Tozawa. Zo is left wondering what just happened.

- As Tozawa makes his entrance, Gulak attacks! He’s furious with Akira always interrupting him. After beating him down to the ramp, he hits him right in the throat with his “No Chants” sign.

- After a recap of Cedric Alexander snapping and taking out The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher last week. Dasha Fuentes interviews Alexander, and he says he showed Kendrick that he’s not the only man with a plan on 205 Live. He may not stab his friends in the back to get what he wants, but he won’t back down, even in the face of two-on-one odds. He’s sure Jack and TBK are working on their next plan, and he’ll be ready with his own when that happens.

- Zo gets yet another promo during his team’s entrance. He tells Ali he better have a good plastic surgeon, because he won’t be able to smell money out of his nose when they’re done with him. He also recommends he holds the side of guacamole, says some things about sour cream and then calls Kalisto and his partner S-A-W-F-T.

- Kalisto & Mustafa Ali def. Enzo Amore & Ariya Daivari via pinfall (Kalisto on Daivari following a Salida del Sol)