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New class of four women reports to WWE Performance Center

We saw Heidi Lovelace and Kimber Lee say their goodbyes on the indies this past weekend and has made it official— they, along with World Wrestling Network regular Andrea and model/singer/MMA fighter Julia Ho, have reported to the WWE Performance Center.

If you’re not familiar with these women, Kimber Lee is a five-year mainstay of the women’s indie scene trained by Drew Gulak at the CZW Academy who has held tag titles for Shimmer, Shine (both with TNA’s Allie as one half of the Kimber Bombs), and CZW-affiliate Women’s Superstars Uncensored, as well as being the only woman to hold the Chikara Grand Championship. She wrestles a hard-hitting style that features enough German suplexes to make Brock Lesnar blush.

Heidi Lovelace, meanwhile, is a six-year veteran, trained by Billy Roc in Ohio, and has also held the Shimmer Tag Team Championship (alongside Evie), as well as the AIW Women’s Championship, the AAW Heritage Championship, the Alpha-1 Alpha Male Championship, and Chikara’s Young Lions Cup. Nicknamed the Punk Rock Ragdoll, her high-flying, hard-bumping style is sure to win folks over pretty quickly.

And then we come to Andrea, the longest tenured woman in our class with ten years in the business, trained by Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley. After a fairly disastrous TNA run as Rosie Lottalove, she retired in 2012 citing injury, but came back to wrestling in 2014, slimmed down and tightened up in the ring. She’s made a real impact in the WWN family of promotions, initially as SoCal Val’s bodyguard, injecting herself into the Premier Athlete Brand’s matches in Evolve, but also as a wrestler in her own right in Shine. Befitting her 6’1” frame, she works a power style and often finishes folks with a spin-out Argentine powerbomb.

Perhaps most interesting about this class is that Lee and Lovelace both have made their name in large part from wrestling men in intergender matches. And indeed, WWE recognize this in their piece, mentioning Kimber’s reign with the Chikara title. With Drew Gulak increasingly outspoken against women being in or around the wrestling ring on 205 Live, could we see an intergender match in a WWE ring again?

Probably not, but if they wanted to, they’ve certainly got two of the best women you could have pulled from the indies to start, so it’s quite intriguing all the same.

There you have it, folks.

Who’s excited to see these four make their way to NXT?