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Goldberg reportedly working on 3 pay-per-view deal with WWE

When Goldberg first made his return to WWE, the idea, apparently, and based on the promo he cut saying Brock Lesnar was “last,” was he would have just one last match, a nice moment with his son, and he would ride off into the sunset.


He squashed Lesnar at Survivor Series, created a buzz, and proved he could draw — if only a little — on Monday Night Raw. That meant signing him to a new deal that would allow for more appearances. Sure enough, he was announced for the Royal Rumble match not long after.

Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) is reporting Goldberg is working on a three pay-per-view (PPV) deal with WWE. That means he’ll be working Royal Rumble (as already announced), Fastlane, and WrestleMania 33. It’s also being reported he’ll be on Raw “fairly often” to promote those shows.

So whatever concern there may be regarding his ability to put on a great match, he’ll be working a total of (at least) four shows before he retires.