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Is Emmalina ever going to debut on Raw?

WWE has been running vignettes and teasers for the return of Emma, in her new gimmick as Emmalina, for a loooong time now. Almost four months, to be exact. Check out that vintage video from October above!

In early December, we were told she’d debut on the 12th of that month. When those plans failed to materialize, WWE changed the tone of the promos. Emma(lina) began playfully thanking us for being patient, but the videos kept coming.

Last night (Jan. 30), there was no mention of the Australian Superstar.

At this point, I think it’s fair to ask... what gives?

WWE is not above trolling fans, either by doing it themselves (see: Eva Marie) or when their talent does it (see: Finn Balor), but this is ridiculous. Pulling the vignette might be a sign they know that continued teases could actually result in a backlash when they finally do decide to roll her out.

And maybe it’s just a case of Creative having nothing for her. Love it or hate it, Raw’s approach to presenting their women’s division has been to funnel all attention to a small number of performers & stories. They might be all in on the rumored 4Way Women’s title feud between Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley & Nia Jax, and just not think they can give her any time.

We also know nothing about the Emmalina character beyond the fact that she takes sexy selfies - and we knew that from Emma’s social media well before her bosses’ added four letters to the end of her kayfabe name. But it’s kind of been presumed she’d be portraying a heel. That was how she had the most success before her back injury put her on the shelf in early 2016, and it’s what you expect from someone who thinks their presence is a gift to the audience.

With rumors of Sasha Banks turning heel soon, Raw is lacking in babyfaces. Maybe they’re considering re-tooling the gimmick to meet that need, or preparing to use someone else better suited to a heroic role?

Probably I’m just overreacting to something not being on the Raw after Royal Rumble (wouldn’t even be the first time today, according to some)...

But what do you think is up with Emmalina, Cagesiders?