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Dana White thinks Ronda Rousey is ‘probably done’ with MMA, so brace yourself for lots of talk about her possible WWE future

In case Conor McGregor saying he’s still in talks with WWE doesn’t whet your whistle for “UFC stars coming to work for Vince McMahon” rumors, this tidbit from Dana White about Ronda Rousey’s future from the UFC Unfiltered podcast (transcription from should slake that thirst:

In the conversation I had with her, if I had to say right here right now – again I don’t like saying right here right now because it’s up to her – but I would’t say she fights again.

I think she’s probably done.

Things have been pretty quiet on the pro wrestling front when it comes to the most famous female fighter in history, but if she is done with the Octagon, speculation will turn to more appearances - and possibly even a career in - professional wrestling.

Before what now looks like it could be her final shoot fight, WWE was saying they’d welcome Ronda back “with open arms”. But current ESPN personality and former WWE performer Jonathan Coachman stirred up a debate about whether or not Vince McMahon would want to sign the former bantamweight champ after her devastating knockout loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

Just last night (Jan. 30) on Raw, Paul Heyman referenced Rousey in his promo setting up a WrestleMania 33 match for Brock Lesnar and Goldberg where he claimed she was invincible but for Holly Holm (the fighter who ended her dominant run through women’s MMA back at UFC 193) - which could be interpreted a bunch of different ways.

We’ll probably hear much from both sides of the argument about whether or not WWE will try to follow-up on Ronda’s WrestleMania 31 appearance with The Rock, and probably more than a few rumor about whether she’s even interested. If White is right and “she’s never going to need money again”, the drive to work with WWE wouldn’t be financial.

We shall see. It’s worth asking again at this point, though, do you want to see Rousey in WWE?