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Samoa Joe debuted on Raw, destroyed Seth Rollins for Triple H

Seth Rollins weekend long quest to get his hands on Triple H took a shocking turn on Raw tonight (Jan. 29).

After a near-miss at TakeOver: San Antonio head-to-head meeting between Rollins and Stephanie McMahon revealed that The Game would in fact be on the show to answer Seth.

And Trips arrived, explaining that he was trying to be “the Creator” he talked about on Saturday night. But Rollins brought out the Destroyer.

Thing is, the Destroyer isn’t Haitch.


More questions than answers, at this point, as it should be for a big reveal and WrestleMania angle.

But one thing that’s definitely been answered is why Joe didn’t show up at Royal Rumble last night, as this immediately feels more important than debuting amidst the Brock Lesnars, Goldbergs and Undertakers of the world.

He was also identified as NXT’s Samoa Joe, and a focus of the outrage from Steph and Triple H has been on Rollins interfering with TakeOver, so this could be more of the trend toward integrated that show into main roster continuity we’ve been seeing.

Or I could be reading too much into things.

But that’s because I’m excited!

Are you excited, Cagesiders?

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