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Braun Strowman fails to win Universal title thanks to that damned Roman Reigns


This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off with Braun Strowman interrupting Kevin Owens promo to demand a title shot he was promised a month ago. Owens was reluctant but General Manager Mick Foley forced him into it and subsequent attempts to appeal to Commissioner Stephanie McMahon to cancel the bout failed.

So it went down, after Owens pleaded with Chris Jericho to help him retain the title. Jericho went out on commentary for the match and was already sitting down when Strowman made his way out. Braun proceeded to kick him in the chest and chokeslam him through the announcer’s table.

That was before the match even got started.

Once it got underway, Strowman was well out ahead until Roman Reigns interrupted to make his presence felt. Turnabout is fair play, after all, and Strowman cost him the Universal title at Royal Rumble. A quick Superman Punch led to a disqualification victory for Braun, but the title stays with Owens.

Reigns followed up his Superman Punch with yet another, and then a spear on the outside. Then he got in the ring and speared Kevin Owens for good measure.

Strowman, one hell of a man, recovered from Roman’s beatdown before The Big Dog even got to the back.

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