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Kenny Omega, Bubba Ray join internet debate on whether Cena/Styles was better than Okada/Omega

Haven’t seen anyone really dislike the John Cena vs. AJ Styles match from Royal Rumble last night (Jan. 29), but that’s probably just because I haven’t looked hard enough.

There’s a lot of folks who don’t think it was the best of the trilogy those two men have fought in WWE over the last eight months, but the big debate today concerns whether Styles/Cena III was the best match of 2017 so far.

The guy who won the six-star New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 11 match from Jan. 4, Kazuchika Okada, already weighed in by simply voting for his match against Kenny Omega.

Omega took it a little farther:

Don’t tell that to Bubba Ray:

There are lots of other takes out there today, but these are two of the biggest names coming down definitively on one side or the other.

What do you think, gang? Was one demonstrably better than the other? Have we already seen the best matches of the whole year, one month into said year? Or should we all just take a deep breath?

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