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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 results: Braun Strowman destroys Roman Reigns to help Kevin Owens keep the Universal title

Kevin Owens history-making* run with the Universal title faced its greatest challenge at Royal Rumble tonight (Jan. 29) in San Antonio’s Alamodome. That’s because while his latest battle with Roman Reigns was a no disqualification match, the man most likely to assist KO, his best friend Chris Jericho, was suspended above the ring - locked in a shark cage.

JeriKO tried to take advantage of the first condition to avoid the second, launching a two-on-one attack on Reigns before the official loced him in the cage. But the Big Dog fought off the attack and help referee Chad Patton get the United States champ squared away.

The men continued to take full advantage of the lack of rules, as KO and Roman brawled around the arena, using pretty much whatever plunder they could get their hands on to inflict damage on each other.

While they threw each other into the stairs and bounced each other off barricades, the big chair and table spots were witheld... until Owens frogsplashed the Big Dog through a table he’d set up at ringside. KO rolled him back in, but Roman kicked out at 2.

Roman’s ribs weren’t the only angle at play. Jericho would drop a set of brass knuckles down to his friend. While Reigns fought off a first attempt, Owens connected with his own loaded version of the Superman punch, but the Guy managed to kick out just before the three count.

KO survived some big shots of his own, as he got his shoulder up after being Samoan dropped onto a steel chair. But both men were frustrated with their inability to finish the other - Owens even hit a Stunner!

Reigns struck back by Superman punching the champ into the pyramid of chairs Owens set up earlier!

And then he followed that with a POWER BOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!

But it would an unexpected third party that would be the deciding factor. As Reigns set-up for the Spear, Braun Strowman hit the ring. The Monster Among Men threw Roman around, including through a table, and KO rolled onto him to keep his belt.

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* He’s had the longest reign in the HISTORY of the belt, after all.

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