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WWE Shop releases new shirts for Ember Moon, Authors of Pain & SAnitY ahead of NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

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If part of the “problem” with NXT is lack of stars, maybe this is a step in the right direction.

WWE Shop is touting the release of new designs for the NXT roster, and in each case, it’s the first merchandise for each act. Two of them will be featured prominently on the TakeOver: San Antonio card tonight (Sat., Jan. 28), while another figures to join the Women’s title scene for the build toward the next live special, April’s pre-WrestleMania 33 Orlando.

Ember Moon, the only one not advertised for the main portion of the pre-Royal Rumble show this evening, actually had this shirt drop earlier in the week:

Pretty cool, even if it only compounds the biggest issue with the gimmick... what is she? A Lycan from Underworld? A cross between Lulu and Paine from Final Fantasy X? An answer to that question, plus a nice shirt, and a real feud, will go nicely with her ringwork.

Authors of Pain could become tag champs tonight, and now Paul Ellering’s charges have something to wear under their flak jackets:

Simple, but I think it works. I can’t be the only one thinking this is a leftover Ascension design, though, right?

Finally, just in time for Nikki Cross’ Women’s title shot, we have a shirt for Eric Young’s SAnitY faction:

Again, no major complaints. It’s a fine shirt, but as with Moon’s, the shirt highlights an issue with the overall idea of the stable. A close read of the back really drives it home:

How are these guys different from the Wyatt Family?

In addition to these three, you can also get an event shirt for San Antonio with the match card poster on the front...

... or, you know, just wait until that’s available on clearance for $10 in a couple months.

Let us know what you think of the new shirts for Ember, Akam, Rezar, EY, Nikki, Alexander Wolfe & Killain Dain, and go ahead and order yours here.

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