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Kenny Omega says he probably won’t be in the Royal Rumble (unless he is)

Kenny Omega appeared for England’s 4Front Wrestling this past weekend. As part of the trip, he did a question and answer session with fans (which you can see above). And, of course, the questions immediately turned to “the elephant in the room” - his contract status with New Japan and whether he’s heading to WWE, possibly in time for the Royal Rumble this Sunday, Jan. 29.

Word is that Omega’s contract with New Japan runs through the end of this month, and the Bullet Club leader pretty much confirms that that will prohibit him from showing up in San Antonio... but doesn’t completely shut the door on it:

The most I can say right now is that if some of you are subscribers to the Network and you’re looking forward to something happening or not happening on the 29th…I’m not sure if I could pull a rabbit out of the hat by that date. That’s all I can say for now.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. I’m not saying anything… that might be asking too much at this point and time. That’s literally the most news I’ve given anyone up to this point.

So there you have it - pretty much exactly what you had before you knew this interview existed. Actually, an answer he gives later on about dream matches and career goals probably sheds more light on his plans than the Rumble talk:

I'd just really want to work with AJ Styles at WrestleMania, guys. Before he hangs it up and before I start to degenerate as an athlete, I really want to have a big match with him on the biggest stage possible, so that is a career goal of mine.

Hmmmm... let us know how you read these tea leaves, Cagesiders.

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