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Kurt Angle: ‘The Royal Rumble is not gonna happen’

When Kurt Angle was removed from this weekend’s Dominant Wrestling show in Scotland, set to air Saturday, Jan. 28 on Spike UK, many in the WWE Universe wondered if it might mean the newest WWE Hall of Famer would or could appear at Royal Rumble the next day.

Angle heard that speculation, and moved to shut it down pretty definitively in the above interview with TMZ Sports:

The Royal Rumble is not going to happen.

He’s still not ruling out any possibilities, in or out of the ring, for later. Angle says he plans to remain in the WWE fold from here on out, so anything could happen. Just not this weekend:

A lot of people are assuming it, a lot of writers are writing about it. I haven't talked to WWE about anything after the WWE Hall of Fame. I'm sure they're going to want to do something eventually, I'm not sure if it's wrestling-related or not, but I would imagine that I would be attached to WWE most likely for the rest of my life.

There aren't any clues or anything that led me to that, I just believe that this is the start our our new relationship and we're only focusing on the Hall of Fame.

TMZ also asked the Olympian about whether he thinks Hulk Hogan will eventually follow in his footsteps and return to the company, and Angle said he believes Hogan deserves another shot.

Check out the interview, and let us know when you think we’ll next see Angle on WWE television.

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