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WrestleMania stars John Cena, Shaquille O’Neal filmed some Carpool Karaoke

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This weekend, Nikki Bella posted this picture of her man, John Cena, and Big Show’s WrestleMania opponent, Shaquille O’Neal, to her Instagram:

What does it mean? Will Shaq be teaming with Cena on an episode of SmackDown to get ready for his showdown with the Giant in Orlando? Is Kenny Omega headed to WWE (come on, it’s as much evidence of that as anything else Cena puts on Instagram)?

No, as the 15 time WWE champ revealed while doing his part-time job as a host of NBC’s morning show, Today, the pair were filming some “Carpool Karaoke” in Atlanta after meeting up at a Krispy Kreme owned by the basketball legend.

And, also no, I didn’t make that up.

Beyond that, details are sparse. James Corden doesn’t appear to have been there, so this may be for some other form of singing along to popular tunes while in an automobile and not the segments made famous by The Late Late Show host. Without that info, we may never know when we’ll get to see this.

One thing’s for sure, though. It must have been a really big car.