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Sasha Banks helps Bayley earn the right to face Charlotte at Royal Rumble

The Hugster walked right up to commissioner Stephanie McMahon at Raw tonight (Jan 2) and asked for a chance. After the Billion Dollar Princess explained why Bayley was, essentially, a B+ player, she agreed to give her a shot. If she won her match in Tampa, she would face Charlotte for the Women’s title at Royal Rumble.

But you knew there had to be a catch. And that catch was Nia Jax.

After throwing around a banged up Sasha Banks and then decimating a local talent-type the last few weeks, Jax looked pretty unstoppable. And even though Bayley hung in there with her, it looked like she was going to suffer the same fate.

That was before “Sky’s the Limit” hit the public announce system, however.

A distraction from the former Women’s champ created an opening for Bayley to hit a super-Hugplex on Nia, and pin the larger wrestler.

In one quick segment, Raw further both of their women’s feuds. And the Hugster is not only getting a title match against the “Queen of Pay-Per-View (PPV)” on Jan. 29, but she’s also getting a Daniel Bryan-esque push.

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