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Darren Young reveals the injury he suffered at Monday’s WWE Main Event taping

As covered in the Rumor Round-up earlier this week (as WWE still hasn’t officially mentioned anything about it), Darren Young’s match during the Main Event taping prior to Raw in Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday, Jan. 16 ended when he appeared to injure his arm taking a bump off the apron. The referee threw up the ‘X’ and he was helped to the back without finishing the bout against Epico.

Young Tweeted news of his diagnosis this afternoon:

Depending on the severity of the fracture and resulting damage to the ligaments in his elbow, doctors may decide to operate, and that decision will impact how long he’s out of action. Best case scenario is a couple weeks with his arm immobilized followed by a couple more weeks or months of physical therapy to rehabilitate it.

We’ll let you know when WWE comments or Young provides a further update.

Get well soon, D-Young!

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