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Randy Orton comments on his alleged altercation with a fan at an Arkansas gym

In case you missed it, reports came out yesterday about an alleged altercation between Randy Orton and a fan at a Jonesboro, Arkansas gym on Monday, Jan. 16.

There were two accounts of how the Viper interacted with guys wanted to snap a quick picture with him. Neither really refuted the other, since they were recounting two separate incidents. But Orton has now commented via Twitter, and it pretty much completes the scene - at least for me.

Approach him after his workout, or at least between exercises, and nicely ask for a pic - maybe while mentioning what it would mean to your kid - as Paul DeFord told WrestleZone he did... get a pic.

Come up to him mid-exercise, get signals he doesn’t want to be disturbed, then slide across the room to take some pictures anyway... get called a m*****f*****.

Randy even explains the rules to one Twitter fan:

Seems pretty clear, no?

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