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Cesaro explains why his best-of-7 series with Sheamus is so important

Like Sheamus (who was very mad), Cesaro did a post-match interview at The O2 in London after scoring his first in in their best-of-7 series at the WWE house show this past Wednesday night. He spent his time putting over just how important the series is, both within kayfabe and for the fans:

"Tired and hurt. I think you can see it in my face. We had a 12 hour travel day with no sleep. My back hurts, my shoulder hurts. Matches with Sheamus are very physical and it's every week. We only had two days rest since Monday Night Raw. But the most important thing is it's 3-1. That means the tide has turned, the landscape has shifted, it's completely different. Sheamus is on his heels now, I feel it. I heard him yelling earlier in the hallway and (as) he starts to panic he'll start to crack. That's where I just... I'm on the roll and he can't stop me. This is about physical dominance, as Mick Foley put it, but it's also about mental toughness and, most importantly, it's also about a championship opportunity. It's not just given to us, it's not like 'oh, this is my golden boy, this is my pick, this is our face of the company.' This is not about The Authority, this is not about about somebody with a personal agenda, this is about myself and Sheamus proving each other every single night where it matters and that's in that ring. That's what I stand for, that's what Sheamus stands for, that's what the Cesaro Section is all about. I proved myself tonight and I'm going to prove myself again on Monday and then I'm going to prove myself in that championship opportunity once I get it. I feel like everything in WWE I always earn the hard way. I always have to prove people wrong and I'll continue to do exactly that."

If we really want WWE to get away from power struggle storylines where Triple H is deciding who is champion with a couple of Pedigrees for reasons that are still unclear, this is what we should be supporting: two great wrestlers who are giving everything they have to win a grueling series that will only get them a shot at the title. It makes it that much more meaningful, too, if either of them actually win it.

Isn't that better than whatever the hell "Plan B" is?

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